The Next Success was founded on a simple idea – help companies win in the marketplace by excelling with the ultimate judges: Customers.

The founders, while serving as consultants to the international business, saw a direct relationship between customer loyalty and companies’ commercial success.  Unfortunately, many companies lacked the infrastructure, processes to identify and act on drivers of loyalty, and ultimately, improve the customer experience.  That was the inspiration for The Next Success.



Leveraging the internet and cutting-edge technology, like text analytics, and visualization.  TNS set out to help companies track how they are doing with customers on a day-to-day and even minute-by-minute basis.  More important, TNS set out to enable companies act on that feedback continuously (and track the outcomes), forming a virtuous cycle of improvement that sets our customers apart from their competitors.



Today, thanks in part to our expanding sales and marketing efforts, TNS enjoys a growing reputation for innovation, technology leadership, and above all outstanding products and services.

Despite our success, we remain on a journey : to create better products, to develop more rewarding partnerships with our customers, to better nurture the talents of our stellar employees and to help our customers win more in the marketplace.  Whether you’re a prospective employee, partner or customer, We invite you to join us.